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My daughter has one. But the people who sold it to me didn't tell me at was broken. So since she's so in love with it im trying to find parts for it. The back wheel won't do gears. So im told the whole thing has to be replaced including the part that holds the chain. Thank you
I love to knit and crochet but suffer from nerve damage. So to be able to keep going im looking for a knitting machine.
Small bathroom vanity in good condition with machine mirror
In need of a dresser or chest of drawers for a boy's bedroom, light oak if possible with working drawers.
Looking for womens clothes size medium-large shirts. Pants size 11-13. Shoes sz 8 anything helps thank you
Looking for bamboo to use for poles/supports in garden. I will cut.
I have six, week old kittens, Mom has rejected, I can't handle six. Need a surrogate kitty mom, maybe someone's cat lost her kittens, all passed or something. Please, I am desperate to find a mommy for them. Help if you can. Any suggestions welcome. Please be kind.
hello! I'm looking to see if anyone has one of those hard plastic kiddie pools they no longer need/use? I would greatly appreciate it. A child will NOT be using it. So as long as it holds water condition of the pool is not an issue. Thanks!
Criminals broke my computer monitor during break in. Can use just about any thing to get going again, Disabled and on fixed income but can pickup at anytime.Please help.
WANTED WE PAY CASH | for used golf balls. If you have 300 or more email us at or Call 512-470-7252
I need a drive shaft for a 1995 Ford Bronco. Willing to negotiate pay! Thanks!
Does anyone have 4Plus Products Rocker Protectors laying around? I really like the look of the 1/4 step pictured below but would consider the full step. Thank you for your help!
Gymnastic mats or foam sections for cushioning under a rock climbing wall.
Seeking bed frame to hold bed of the floor. I can pick up
My blue parakeet died today and the boy birdy is really lonely. He could really use a companion.
I m looking for a late model 235 engine with high position fan to replace my worn out, original 216. I also need a 3-speed transmission, and if it s attached then all the better. Both need to be running/working and not in need of an overhaul. So, if you ve replaced your 235 with a 350 V8 and still have the 235 on an engine stand taking up room in your shop or garage I d like to give it a new ho...
My 1968 FJ40 has multiple spots on the inside of the frame that only accepts screws not bolts. Does anyone know where I can acquire new screws. I tried SOR and CCOT
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